Tuesday, September 26, 2006

About Reason and Rhyme

This site is all about rational innovative discussion. We would like these discussions to be coherent innovative alternative views on a broad scope of topics. Clearly it takes intelligence to be innovative in complex subject areas in which we hope to illicit article submittals, but experience has shown that desire alone, nor yet the most extreme intelligence, guarantees rational discourse. So we will restrict articles to meet what we consider reasonable criteria for rationality. Presentation must comply with a spirit of discovery and a yearning to more clearly understand the nature of whatever topic is being presented or discussed.

No topical area is unacceptable. We will accept, in addition to essays in the physical and social scientific areas, short stories, poems, puzzles and quizes (for which answers must be submitted along with the puzzle or quiz), and graphic artistic creations. All submissions will be subject to minor copy editing. Authors retain the copyright to whatever they submit, but it is understood that Reason and Rhyme is authorized to publish the creation on-line and in journal format in a hardcopy book to be made available to the general public.