Saturday, September 30, 2006

A Visitor From A Type-4 Civilization

Richard May by Richard May

"My" cat, Jessie, a renowned Zen master with cosmological interests, is apparently from a type-4 cat civilization. She is attempting to alter the fabric of space-time in such a way as to broaden the wormholes connecting her universe with parallel universes, which she explained to me are simply other quantum states of this universe from the perspective of her Zen quantum cosmology. Such broadened wormholes are called "mouseholes", according to Master Jessie.

She has not yet revealed to me whether she is simply looking for a safe retreat in which to spend her ninth (parallel) life or is searching for "parallel mice" in the universe next door. At night she claims to disappear into the interstices of brane worlds in pursuit of "dark mice", which may perhaps be exotic subatomic particles. By day she appears to watch creatures unseen by me fly by in higher-dimensional space, which she freely explores in her dream body.

When not meditating on the sound of "her original mew, before the universe was born", she contemplates the implications of super string theory and/or M theory for the movement of her tail. Sometimes I am privileged to eat from her bowl.

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Anonymous said...

Did Schrodinger's cat disappear down one of those mouseholes. Or merely into the black hole of the past (which, after a while, becomes a black box, mysterious to all of us)?

If a cat scampered towards a mousehold at the edge of the universe and I, its dementedly persistent owner, gripped its tail firmly.....and if the mousehold was wider than a wormhole but only big enough to let a cat, a mutant (a.k.a. AKC toy breed) dog, snake, savory rodent and nasty insect through - would most of "me" get stuck on "this" side of the wormhole, while my hand and part of my arm slipped through the hole to wherever the cat went?

Thanks for attending to these questions,
Strung Out
(or "If I only Had A Brane)