Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Publishing Articles

Article authors may submit material in Word 97, PDF, or text format to the editor at Editor@ReasonAndRhyme.com. The editor will consider the article for publication and inform the author whether the article will be published or not. If the article is deemed suitable for the community in terms of content and style, the editor will likely choose to publish the article. However, the decision for publication remains solely with the editor.

The editor may require changes to the article in order for it to be published. The author is responsible for accepting these changes or, prior to publication, they may elect to retract their submission. If the author does not accept the changes or work with the editor on other modifications, the editor may choose not to publish the article.

For artistic works, the editor will work with the artist to find an appropriate media format that works within the site and in any hard copy.

Once the piece is published, Reason and Rhyme may choose to publish and sell the article electronically or in hard copy. The author retains copyright of the material.

You must be a subscriber in order to publish on Reason and Rhyme.

Again, please submit articles to the Reason and Rhyme editor at Editor@ReasonAndRhyme.com