Saturday, February 17, 2007

RnR: New Site Layout, New Features

Sean J. Vaughan headshot by Sean J. Vaughan

We've updated our look to be more unique and contemporary and in order to support new features. We've added "help" for providing information about certain sidebars. You can get "help" by hovering your mouse over a sidebar (or the "Share It" post section) for a second. We've also added two new sidebar modules: Shared Links and Freethought Radio.

The Shared Links sidebar displays the most recent bookmarks tagged with "RnRLink". If you come across something on the web you'd like to share on our blog, simply tag it in with the "RnRLink" tag and it will show up in the sidebar. (You will need to have or obtain a free account in order to submit Links).

The Freethought Radio sidebar displays the most recent podcasts of Freethought Radio which features Reason and Rhyme contributor Dan Barker.

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