Thursday, June 14, 2007

Americans In Their 40s Are Living Longer Today

Richard May headshot by Richard May

I suppose that more Americans are getting "early onset Alzheimer's disease" in their 40s, and 50s, because people are living more years in their 40 and 50s today. I notice that neither the Congress nor the media have a high degree of interest in this phenomenon, so it must be quite normal. When teenagers begin to get Alzheimer's, it will be interesting to watch the media and politicians spin it. Headline: "Teenage Alzheimer's is no cause for immediate concern." Teenagers are just living longer today and modern diagnostic techniques are more accurate.” We just didn’t notice the teenagers with Alzheimer’s in the past. A dramatically increasing rate of autism in America's children is quite normal and natural also.

Curiously, I've heard no mention of cross cultural data comparing the incidence of “early onset Alzheimer’s” in America with that of Europe and Asia. Now you don't suppose that unknown or deliberately ignored environmental factors could be underlying this do you?

Coincidentally Japan and Ireland inspect 100% of their beef cattle for BSE. But in the US only 1% is inspected and the head of the United States Department of Agriculture was appointed from cattle industry. Ubiquitous environmental EMF and variant forms of CJD and/or changes to the foods that Americans consume by agribusiness, including various herbicides, pesticides, GM crops, untested for long-term safety, and the interactions among these, may potentially not be unrelated to the appearance of “early onset Alzheimer’s”.

But it's the economy stupid! Too many functioning brains are a nuisance in any case, especially if in the heads of older economic units, I mean, American citizens. Of course, "Christians" are preoccupied with moral questions regarding the decadence of Tinky Winky, and cannot be troubled by socialist concerns, such as holes in human brains.

There will be no "proof" of this or anything else, because of the nature of inductive reasoning. Russian roulette has not been proven to be detrimental to one's health either. There is just the recurring discovery of deceased people with bullet-sized holes in their head and recently discharged pistols in their hand, who had been playing the game of Russian roulette. But correlation does not imply causation. The causal link cannot be observed, as David Hume noted. Tomorrow the sun or corporate profits may rise in the West. More research is and will be needed.

So chill and enjoy the monosodium glutamate-enhanced ‘natural flavors’ of your irradiated genetically-modified food, high fructose corn syrup, with melamine and delicious diethylene glycol from China, and watch the news about Anna Nicole Smith and Paris Hilton. A long shelf life for your brain is not necessary for the profits of agribusiness and the medical-industrial complex.


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