Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Zen Spies

Charmaine Frost headshot by Charmaine Frost

Cat drawing
drawing by C. L. Frost

They're all masters of feline Zen, but the ginger one is the master among masters. That's Belleo, my miniature lion with the fiery mane and regal profile; he's the best of the best, the most accomplished of the accomplished. He holds the world's record for staring at nothing; he spent 53 minute and 7 seconds gazing uninterruptedly at a white wall six inches in front of him. Every time I looked at him, I wondered what was so fascinating about that wall. If I had X-ray or UV vision, would I see hundreds of critters scampering over the plaster, all with very long tails?"

Wave a hand in front of his wide amber eyes; he won't even blink. Maybe he just sleeps with his eyes open?

"No, he's meditating on the world's problems," a wise man once told me. "Cats have amazing powers. They can disappear instantly - feline teleportation. They're here, then they're not here; they're prowling up above, silent and unnoticed as shadows, hearing everything. They'd be the perfect spies, if only our linguists could decipher their language and eavesdrop on their gossip."


Justin Zijlstra said...

When seeing a pittbull and you can get it to calm down you solved an inner paradox, namely the intensity of the instincts projected on you, a pittbull simply asks and needs a big creature like someone who has integrated his collective unconscious (confronted and solved all unconscious or a lot of it internally)

BTW check the bottom of my website, I contemplate there at occasion.

Justin Zijlstra said...

Before I don't mind.

"Wave a hand in front of his wide amber eyes; he won't even blink."

Thats it, if your sharp you know when the movements are intended for you.