Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Outsourcing the Messiah and the Gray Nanobot Slime

Richard May headshot by Richard May

The God of the Bible is more-than-a-little like an
American Republican. Consequently the redemptive role
of the Messiah was outsourced to reduce expenditures
in the last quarter of some ancient year. The stand-in Messiah
came near the end of the first century C.E. But no one
even noticed Her. She also said that the Kingdom is here and now.
Again, no one had "ears to hear."

Men didn't even bother to crucify Her. They were
busy getting ahead and it wouldn't have been cost effective anyway,
with the high price of wood. The entire Age of Universal World Peace,
which She would have ushered in, was reduced to a commercial break
followed by ten seconds of silence.

Now humanity, itself, is being outsourced in a move to increase
productivity. What had been our job of gathering up sparks
of the Divine, creating souls and repairing the world
has been re-assigned to a sea of nanobots, which presumably will work on
this task far more harmoniously and efficiently.
Finally humankind will be replaced - by gray nanobot slime.


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