Monday, November 20, 2006

Storyblogging Carnival LVIII

Lovely Leslie Carbone presents Through the Window a warm and vital post at LeslieCarbone. 192 words, rated PG.

Mama Duck presents The cookie monster is appeased posted at Lil Duck Duck. Mmmm, M&M cookies with cookie monster pictures! 284 words, rated G.

Praveen presents The Gathering posted at Fantasy Tales. Grab an ale and join the adventurers! 354 words, rated PG.

Pernicious presents a rich dark battle: Heorogar, son of Halfdane. posted at Sea of Humanity. 514 words, rated PG.

Story Scribe presents Shopping posted at Story Storage. I, for one, am not taking my grocery shopping nearly serious enough. 578 words, rated PG.

Chris Dolley presents The Horse Ride From Hell posted at Author Chris Dolley's Page. Drive safely. 696 words, rated PG.

What is clock time dilation all about? What would it be like for identical twins reunited after a separation involving space travel? And...what about biological clocks and their synchronization? Fred Vaughan writes about Deirdre and Alana Poe and Their Tell Tale Hearts. 824 words, rated PG.

Something is definitely wrong when a sensitive child realizes, "What she wanted couldn't be held up, couldn't be described to these people, couldn't be found in this room, perhaps couldn't be found anywhere at all." Charmaine Frost writes about Awakenings. 928 words, rated PG.

Jane Chin, PhD., writes My Two Selves where past and present are shared now from Live Your Inspiration. 1027 words, rated PG.

degenerate.leftist shares How I Defeated the Mice. My wiley cat Mage would have enjoyed these heroic battles! 1107 words, rated PG.

Bob Parker presents A Lucky Girl posted at Bob's Scary tales. 1216 words, rated R (scary!).

More information about the Storyblogging Carnival and previous Storyblogging Carnivals can be found here.

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