Tuesday, March 27, 2007

New Study Shows Reading Studies Is Bad For You

Researchers say more research is needed

Richard May headshot by Richard May

Top experts question value of reading studies paid for by corporations with an agenda. New research by Pharmzer Inc. contradicts this claim. Six months ago similar study of effects of reading studies produced opposite results. Study of effects of studies suggests that information overload and cognitive dissonance, produced by contradictory study results, causes heightened anxiety and depression. Pharmzer says Biafra® may be the answer, "vitamin" supplements highly dangerous, according to new research. Researchers say more research on the effects of reading studies is necessary. Pharmzer says if children are placed on proper medications, the psychological problems associated with reading new studies of contradictory new studies could be eliminated. Governor of Texas agrees effects of reading studies of studies is a major public health problem and says vaccinations of all school age children should be mandatory. President Bush compassionately warned Americans of the effect of reading dangerous Canadian studies of new studies. New study by the U.S. General Accounting Office questions the dangers of reading studies of new Canadian studies. USDA cautions Americans that according to new studies by top experts, Alzheimer's syndrome appearing in adolescence is entirely normal* and is occurring simply because American teenagers are living longer now, not an possible effect of environmental toxins, ubiquitous microwave radiation and EMF or a variant form CJD caused by prions. Other studies of Alzheimer's suggest that in the past it was uncommon in Americans before the age of eighteen. Researchers say that according to new studies by top researchers, more research is necessary. Previous studies question this result.


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