Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Persian Pundits and Siamese Sages

Charmaine Frost headshot by Charmaine Frost

A mathematically mischievous cat, Mephistopheles,
Could square the hypoteneuse and meow hypotheses
About the world's origin in 3 seconds round or flat
While Socrates, no simple syllogist, was customarily curious
How dogs could yap and yip in yelps sufficiently furious
To appall any meditatively mannerly, self respecting cat.

Socrates was a wise old cat,
Could elude prying humans, out-think any rat;
More pensive than bloodhounds of brooding brows,
He'd paw his whiskers like a white moustache,
Meow about his doubt in high "what"s or "how"s.

Ceasar, however much he'd try to fool us,
Was a lounging Tom, not conquering Julius;
Though, when dreaming of mouse-lands in a milk sea,
He paraded, tail a banner and ears high,
And ruled rodent realms with a gourmet's grinning glee.

siamese sage

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