Tuesday, May 29, 2007

S.A.W.: Soldiers Against War

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This program, so named because their reason for seeking less costly means for conflict resolution stems from what they have seen, has expanded from its original vision to include a reintegration facility for U.S. military personnel recently returning from Iraq in addition to the campaign of last resort collection of signatures.


According to the vision of the reintegration portion of this program, returning military personnel will, with their immediate family members – spouses and children – be given a two year space in a large facility in a rural, Colorado setting. Organic work in raising food for the facility’s residents and the presence of professional support will aid these families in easing the transition of the first two years. Among the professionals present or visiting regularly will be an MD, a psychiatrist, physical and occupational therapists and massage therapists. The perspective change that accompanies international travel and occurs even in the absence of war but is exacerbated when intertwined with it, is another challenge these families face – the returning family member has been changed by this new perspective and new roles and often traditions, need to be found and adjusted. Additionally, it is believed that by removing the burdens of meeting house payments, relocations, job searches and isolation, the young families are given the support and environment to make a healthy, supported return to civilian life.

Campaign of Last Resort

In the signature gathering portion of this program defining war as a campaign of last resort only, it is inherent in the statement that diplomacy is not enough. We know that the presence of Grievance Pathways* increases the relative cost of violence decreasing the likelihood of its usage. Efforts in this direction therefore, are intended by the verbiage. Decreased consumption and enhancement of renewable energy sources also allow violence to be a true last resort campaign.

*please see Institutionalized, Inclusive Grievance Pathways (IIGPs), an interrelated program of PIRM.

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i.m.small said...


The raping, looting, torture are not new:
They are what soldiers have been known to do.

They are also the reason only fools
Rush in to war, the politicians´ tools.