Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Fragile theatre

Maria Claudia Faverio headshot by Maria Claudia Faverio

When night steps down
and wild flowers recede
into the blessed calm of oblivion
like a hand forsaking desire, -
pallid under the cracked moon
shot with hints of blue,
the world resembles a pastoral
alien to tension of light
and gods
drunk with distillation of thunder.

Shakes of leaves abate,
the unattainable perfection of thought
relaxes into the breathless peace
of void of mind,
whose positivity consists
in the negation of the will.

Impartial to things of stone
losing their stoniness
in the black stringency of night,
images dwell in the untextured air
like replicas of reality,
and yet the real imitation
is reality,
not the images.

At the edge of night,
the fragile theatre of life
crumbles to dust of light
and dark,
embracing each other
like Chinese symbols
uncaged into being.

Dawn at North Wollongong Beach
Dawn at North Wollongong Beach painting by Maria Claudia Faverio

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