Friday, July 20, 2007

Maybe God is faking it too?

Richard May headshot by Richard May

At least you apparently exist. But I see a lot of people faking it. They're a little nervous sometimes that they may not exist or have a life. They constantly talk on cell phones and play with electronic gizmos when in public. And, of course, smoke cigarettes, fiddle with matches and lighters, and text message. If you're smoking you're really doing something, like people in TV commercials, so you must exist! You can't just sit there and take in the scenes, bathing in the impressions. Someone might notice that you have no shadow.

People who are beginning to suspect that they don't exist like to eat outside, where they can be seen by others, who may exist, it is thought. Please someone look at the tattoos on my Volvo, my unique identity, confirm my existence for me. As you walk by them they look to see if you have noticed them. I never look. They can look at me not noticing them. At least I don't claim to exist. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence!


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