Sunday, December 31, 2006

Sonnet III: The Muse

Karyn Huntting headshot by Karyn Huntting

Return to me o muse in dreams redeem thy course
By sleep the dust of stars doth carry thy embrace.
In raging tears of angst doth thou with no remorse
Full baptize hand of mine and bathe my pen in grace.

Thine eyes ensconce long-darkened tomb in golden light,
Illumineth thy sweet advance my most demure.
Disquietude thou dissipate by veil of night,
Thy softly-whispered words my mortal fears abjure.

And offer thou apothecary’s potion nigh
That i should drink with certain hand and toast to thee.
To winged flight ascend thy poesy or die,
In death as life to lie beneath the judas tree.

From dusty headstones hearts are lifted from their strife,
From ashes rise unbound to soul’s immortal life.

— Karyn

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