Saturday, December 23, 2006

The Truth about Xmas

Charmaine Frost headshot by Charmaine Frost

candy cane Rudolf refused a simple nose job,
And so was abducted by a cop;
The Yonkers lights had all gone bonkers;
Rudy's nose blinked traffic to a stop.

The elves read a Workers' Manifesto
So skate on glaciers while on strike;
Santa advertises for cheap labor,
Cursing every greedy griping groping tyke.

Mrs. Claus, 3 centuries married,
Bored, is filing for divorce;
The Old man can keep the igloo palace
And elves (Their manners are too course).

Santa, age 400, has got brain rot,
And so wears wool in tropic air;
Someday he'll die of heatstroke
Or break high rise windows on a dare.

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