Monday, January 08, 2007

Dancing with Death

by Jacquelinne White

Dancing with Death


Tomas Karkalas said...

Dear Jacquelinne White,
The title "Dancing with Death" caught my attention and thus I have came to your site and am writing to you now (sorry for my Lithuanian English- for the grammar mistakes)
There are lots of colors and lots of ways to hear the painting, but what matters indeed is either we see the light or just are looking at something.
My hearty congratulations. Sharing the pictures is like growing the flowers and you share the light. Thank you.
I would greatly appreciate your comments. Please visit my blog. That's all I have.
I say so, because I had head trauma in 1974, my head bones were broken and I have walked on the edge of the death for a long then... but the miracle has happened and I was returned to life and even haven't any visible signs of any disability now. Unfortunately, I haven't the health too and am unfit to the secular world up to death... My disability strictly limits my actions but it fuel my thoughts and visions that I share on my blog. I haven't a penny and thus my work is solely based on donations that I receive time from time. The Internet thus became my windows towards the world and ... I am writing to you. I would greatly appreciate your help to promote my pictures- to share the light we all rejoice at.
Thank you once more. My blog Captain's bridge is awaiting for you (others too)

dharmabruce said...

Here is a link the previous commenter's web site: Captain's Bridge