Sunday, January 07, 2007


Patrick Williams headshot by Patrick Williams

The Monster has come back to hunt.
No amount of hiding can save my soul.
I live in a shadow dreaming a blunt
Existence wishing to be whole.

My monster takes away my pride.
Takes the comforts that belong to me,
Wraps me in my spun cocoon to hide
What I have long refused to see.

Diverting my mind from the hellish scene,
I keep my head just above the swelling mire.
Thinking of fields that are yet to be seen,
Or wondrous nights around a blackened fire.

Walking in the chill, to my friends I yell,
"Look at me sitting alone in this shadow!"
Yet they answer not, this is my personal hell.
This darkness, like a river, will forever flow.

Turning my head away from friends who are cold,
I look upon that trapped figure behind,
My head is sinking, comprehension taking hold
The dark shadow that looms is mine.

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