Thursday, January 04, 2007

NASA Plans to Construct Earth Base

Self-sustaining settlement of astronauts on Earth by 2020!

Richard May headshot by Richard May

This is just so very exciting. I've dreamed since childhood that mankind would establish a base on Earth during my life time. I think our destiny as a species is to establish colonies on Earth.

Maybe some day life will be discovered in NYC! The Brooking's Institution report of the early 20th century makes clear that the discovery of intelligent life in NYC would be potentially devastating to Kansas civilization, most of the Red areas of the U.S. election maps and religious fundamentalists of all varieties. Probably the discovery of advanced intelligent life in NYC would be considered a matter of the highest national security. The U.S. military would have a real need to reverse engineer advanced-NYC ipods, cell phones and PS3s, for example.

SETI may discover advanced-ET smoke signals too, maybe from Brooklyn or Tokyo. Smoke signals make such awesome screensavers! Seth Shostack will be the first to tell us. I'm sure civilizations far advanced of ours would use smoke signals in the hydrogen frequency and not use spread spectrum transmissions; better screensavers!



Falon said...

this is regurgitated kindergarten satire give up mate you ain't funny and your about 100 yrs behind the joke.

dharmabruce said...

You may hit May-Tzu but you can't touch him.